The Hair
The hair problem continues.
No matter what we do, it always ends up like this.
I guess I could do as my friend Bonnie suggested and just shave it all off, but in the end, I think we actually kind of like laughing at his bad hair. The kid gives us enough grief, the least he can do is allow us a few laughs at his expense.
Also, I think he is hinting for a trip to Six Flags.

Brittany  – (11:51 AM)  

I seriously canNOT wait to meet this kid in July. Will you come out early so that we have lots of time to play?

James is finally growing some hair back. It is coming in in what looks like little spikes. It almost looks like we did shave his head and now it is growing back as a flat top or something.

AJ Candrian  – (4:26 PM)  

HA! I love the picture comparison! I seriously love this kid... He looked so cute in his soccer jersey this morning.

Mrs. Anderson  – (9:12 PM)  

Haha I agree with your friend. I shaved all my kids' heads - even Andi. I prefer when their hair grows out, that it's all even. Not some real hair some baby hair!

Amy C  – (9:55 PM)  

Your kid has a bow tie? I'm beyond shocked!!

Dana Broderick  – (1:30 AM)  

I wasn't looking at his hair but his SWEET bow tie! :) What a cutie!! I would LOVE to come and visit you guys! I'm getting the traveling itch again! :) Anyway, love your updates!

Rachelle  – (9:13 AM)  

Can he get any cuter? I am going to eat him up! Love the bow tie. Love the big brown eyes!

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