Random Olympic Observations:

  • -Events I have seen (this is what happens when your sleep schedule is all screwed up and you're awake all night): Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Cycling, Diving, Fencing, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Handball, Rowing, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Track and Field, Triathlon, Volleyball, Water Polo, Weightlifting, Wrestling. Not everything, but pretty close.
  • -Olympians that Lorena has beaten this year at one time or another in a race: 8 (granted they have also beaten her more than vice versa...which would explain why she is not in Beijing!)
  • -Gold Medalists in the Time Trial that Lorena was in a break-away with at the Nature Valley Grand Prix: 1 (Kristin Armstrong)
  • -Usain Bolt ran a 9.69!?! That is insane. Also, if I was female, based upon my best high school time, I would have qualified for the final of the women's 100m, but I would have finished fourth.
  • -I'm not down with China using 12 year olds in gymnastics. Cheaters.
  • -The color commentators NBC has for soccer are crap (both men and women) The play-by-play guy is okay. Also, how in the world do you get a red card four minutes into the game - for a blatant elbow, no less. That is just stupid. Way to go USA.
  • -Handball looks like one of those games, where you could get five random Americans together, and they should dominate. So I must be missing something.
  • -Track Cycling is cool

K-country  – (8:33 PM)  

And what about the fake fireworks and substitute Chinese girl lip sinc'n for the poor unfortunate ugly girl...It's just wrong...they cheat...Did you see the fat Dutch water polo girl? Phew....

Chickin  – (11:01 AM)  

being fat might not be a disadvantage to a water polo player. remember... fat floats

K-country  – (9:02 PM)  

Yeah, Fast Freddy said that too. Fat Floats. Pretty gross though.

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