I know where Lorena and I are going:

And I don't leave until the summer of 2009 so there is still time to come visit us in D.C.

LISA  – (7:15 PM)  

YAYYYY What a wounderful place to go!! Can we come ? Family reunion 2010!!!!

I guess we better get out to your way soon ha !!

Mrs. Anderson  – (10:54 AM)  

Wow so cool!

By the way, on the youtube page, you will see an embedded address, if you copy that onto your composition, it will put the clip directly on your page.

Rachelle & Adam  – (1:49 PM)  

I LOVE the video clip! I am so happy for you guys! What an exciting life you live and will continue to live.

Bonny Brae  – (7:22 PM)  


you will love it! at least the summers are gorgeous - haven't experienced the winters.

as a side note - i thought of you lorena as i was getting my first ROOT CANAL last week - ugh.

Snow Crew  – (1:50 AM)  

Amazing- are you guys excited?! What an adventure.

Dana Broderick  – (5:28 AM)  

Congrats! What an adventure you will have together!

Jon  – (3:38 PM)  

Jon & I are reall excited for you guys. What a beautiful place!

Mike  – (4:16 PM)  

update your blog!!!! Thanks!

Mrs. Anderson  – (4:18 PM)  

Are you guys ok?????

Mike  – (1:25 PM)  

I give up. You guys must be dead!

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