2006 Year in Review
Well, it looks like I am too much of a technological neophyte (Rob gave me that word because I don't know how to spell imbecile...maybe this word applies to more than just my aptitude with technology) to properly send email attachments on my belated Christmas email letter, so I've decided to start a blog instead. I guess that is what all the cool kids
are doing these days, so Rob and I are just trying to fit in. Are we cool and tech savvy yet?
So, since this is my first post, and this is the end of the year, I'll start with a quick review of the year's ups and downs.
1. Rob tears his achilles tendon playing basketball. Garrett bets him $50 bucks to get a pink cast to wear after his surgery to graduation ceremonies. Look who won. Another silver lining: handicap parking for half a year. Rob was the most popular person to carpool with, ESPECIALLY to Dodger games.

2. Rob graduates Pepperdine Law School...Phew!

3. Lorena has some great bike races, winning a three stage road race and some cross country mountain bike races. She finally reaches a longtime goal of becoming a pro mtn biker. The week before her first race with her new team...
4. Lorena goes out for one of her favorite bike rides along Pacific Coast Hwy and gets hit from behind by a car. She spent three days in the hospital and the rest of the summer rehabing. (Rob and I were quite the sight at the hospital since he was still in his cast.)

5. Rob and his friends decide to have a mustache growing contest. Guess who lost? Guess who laughed hysterically every time he came in the door?

6. This summer we had to leave all of our wonderful friends and family in California as we moved to DC. Sad! We still miss our fun friends from Pepperdine, the Pacific Palisades ward, On Your Left (best biking group ever!), my old high school friends, and what little family was left in CA. On the up side, I had a great time staying a
t the Vincents and Feingold's houses over the summer before I finished teaching and joined Rob in DC. Rob loves his new job with the State Dept. and I love teaching at a school only minutes away from our new place.

7. Rob passed the bar!!! YEEHA!!! Now, if only we can pay off law school....

8.Fun weekend vacation to New York with Dayna and Garrett Snow.

9. Rob's sister
Brittany invited us to the White House for a special Christmas tour.

10. Best vacation ever to Puerto Rico.

Lisa  – (12:21 AM)  

Well it sounds like you had a busy year!!. I'm glad you had a good vacation. We have not seen you in two years. Your always welcome here. Hope to come for a visit next year?? Take care. Maybe I should get a blog too. I can never post pics either ;0)

Mrs. Anderson  – (2:23 AM)  

I am so excited you are a blogger now - keep it up because you guys have so much to share!!! I am glad I can now see the pictures.

Snow Crew  – (9:44 PM)  

you forgot to mention your multiple abandoned and underfed babies, Rob's boy-crazy phase all the things you stole while staying at the Vincent's.

Snow Crew  – (3:56 AM)  

Hey Roblo,
We are stoked on the blog, and what a handy way to digest an entire year! My favorite part of the year was definitely Rob's mustache. Miss those days. A close second, of course, is when both of you were crippled. If either of you live past 30 it will be a miracle.

Jake  – (1:27 PM)  

Cool year. Hope to see you guys in a little while....

Mike  – (12:31 AM)  

Rob, you were soooo hot with that mustache! Lorena, congrats on doing so well last year! Keep it going this year. You should do LOTOJA with me! Rob, maybe go fake baking before you take pictures of yourself on the beach. Other than that, it's nice to see how things are going for you guys! Keep in touch!

Lorena and Rob  – (3:40 PM)  

Great Dayna, I was going to trade you the Vincent's nice silverware for some of the jewelry you looted from the Shroder's, but now that you blew the cover, it's off.

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